COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Welcome to the Massillon City Council Meeting for Monday, January 5, 2015.  We have in attendance with us the following city officials:  Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry, Safety Services Director, Al Hennon, Auditor, Jayne Ferrero, Chief Deputy Auditor, Debbie Bonk, Community Development Director, Larry Marcus, Police Chief, Keith Moser, Income Tax Administrator, Ken Koher, Health Dept. Commissioner, Terri Argent and Housing Director, Beverly Lewis.  On the wall to your left are agendas for anyone who wishes to follow tonight’s meeting.  Also if you look at the agenda, under item #5 is where the public can speak on any item that appears on tonight’s agenda and then under item #17 is where the public can speak on any item that does NOT appear on tonight’s agenda.  I want remind anyone with cell phones, please turn them down or set them to vibrate. 

  1.       ROLL CALL

Roll call for the evening found the following Council Members present:  Milan Chovan, Sarita Cunningham-Hedderly, Michelle Del Rio-Keller, Ed Lewis, Paul Manson, Andrea Scassa, Megan Starrett and Shaddrick Stinson.

Roll call of 8 present; Councilwoman Nancy Halter absent.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  I need a motion to excuse Councilwoman Nancy Halter.

COUNCILMAN MANSON – I make a motion.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Councilman Manson made a motion to excuse Councilwoman Halter and seconded by Councilwoman Sarita Cunningham-Hedderly.  Roll call to excuse Councilwoman Halter.

8 yes to excuse Councilwoman Halter

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Councilwoman Halter will be excused.  I’d like to note for the record that City Engineer, Keith Dylewski has entered the meeting and Park & Rec Director, Doug Nist has also entered the meeting.  I’d like to recognize Councilwoman Megan Starrett for tonight’s invocation and pledge of allegiance.

  2.       INVOCATION

COUNCILWOMAN MEGAN STARRETT - Gave the invocation for tonight.


COUNCILWOMAN STARRETT – Chairperson of the Environmental Committee led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Madam Clerk, are the minutes of the previous meeting transcribed and open for public viewing?


COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Are there any additions or corrections to be made?

COUNCIL CLERK ROLLAND – No, there are not.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you; the minutes stand approved as written. 


COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – We have reached #5.  This is the part of the agenda where citizens may speak on a topic that appears on tonight’s agenda.  If you would like to speak on something, please come to the microphone at this time and give your name and address for the record and the topic you want to discuss.  Okay, I see no one; we will move into Introduction of Ordinances and Resolutions.



AN ORDINANCE authorizing the Mayor of the City of Massillon, Ohio, to enter into an agreement with Stark County Regional Planning Commission (SCRPC) for housing rehabilitation for the year ending December 31, 2015, and declaring an emergency.


COUNCILMAN MANSON – Yes, thank you, Mr. President.  We had discussion with Mr. Marcus at last Monday’s Committee Meeting and we didn’t have any questions then; are there any questions that came up that anybody would like to ask Mr. Marcus?  He’s here this evening, if not, I’m going to be moving to waive the rules?  I make a motion to waive the rules requiring three (3) separate readings and bring Ordinance No. 1 – 2015 forward for passage.
COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Seconded by Councilman Chovan.  Roll call for suspension.
8 yes for suspension 


8 yes for passage

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you, Madam Clerk.  Ordinance No. 1 – 2015 has passed.  Ordinance No. 2.

ORDINANCE NO. 2 – 2015                 BY:  FINANCE COMMITTEE

AN ORDINANCE making certain appropriations from the unappropriated balance of the 1203 FY 2014/2015 CDBG Program Fund, for the year ending December 31, 2015, and declaring an emergency.


COUNCILMAN LEWIS – Yes, this particular ordinance is simply moving the CDBG funding that we had in the previous year of 2014, moving it forward in 2015 so that all of these non-profits and other agencies will be able to still benefit from the program in the City.  We did discuss it; the Community Director was present at the last Committee Meeting.  There was not a whole lot of discussion at that time, it would seem pretty clean cut and straight forward.  Is there any discussion this evening?  Seeing none, I make a motion that we suspend the
rules requiring three (3) readings, bringing Ordinance No. 2 – 2015 forward for a vote. 

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Seconded by Councilwoman Del Rio-Keller.  Roll call for suspension.

8 yes for suspension

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – And roll call for passage.

8 yes for passage

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you, Madam Clerk.  Ordinance No. 2 has passed.  Ordinance No. 3.

ORDINANCE NO. 3 – 2015                 BY:  FINANCE COMMITTEE

AN ORDINANCE making certain appropriations from the unappropriated balance of the 1414 Collection System Improvement Fund, for the year ending December 31, 2015, and declaring an emergency.


COUNCILMAN LEWIS – Yes, this ordinance was before us at the last Committee Meeting as well.  We had slight discussion on it and it’s for $267,000 to the Levee Infrastructure Improvement Project.  This is the 1414, I believe this is the one where we act simply essentially as past due for the OPWC.  The City Engineer is on hand this evening if anyone would have any questions for him.  Seeing no questions or discussion, I make a motion that we suspend the rules requiring three (3) readings, bringing Ordinance No. 3 – 2015 forward for a vote.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Seconded by Councilwoman Scassa.  Roll call for suspension.

8 yes for suspension


8 yes for passage

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Ordinance No. 3 has passed.  I also have a question here.  I’m looking at my sheet that I go off of and I see Ordinance No. 4, but I don’t see Ordinance No. 4 on the Agenda.  Did I miss something?

COUNCIL CLERK ROLLAND – I sent you a revised sheet.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Yes, that’s what I have here.  But not an updated Agenda.  We did have a second Agenda?


COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Okay, (updated Agenda given to Council President Townsend).  Okay, fine; alright.  Ordinance No. 4.

ORDINANCE NO. 4 – 2015                 BY:  FINANCE COMMITTEE

AN ORDINANCE authorizing the Director of Public Service and Safety of the City of Massillon, Ohio, to approve the prisoner transport agreement between the City of Massillon and political subdivisions using the City’s prisoner transport service and authorizing the Auditor of the City of Massillon, Ohio, to deposit said funds into the 1100 General Fund and the 1401 Capital Improvement Fund effective January 1, 2015, and declaring an emergency.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Councilman Lewis.

COUNCILWOMAN LEWIS – Yes, Mr. President.  Simply try to keeping everything as clear as possible, the ordinance that we have before us does have an adjustment and it’s actually the adjustment I was looking for and I think most of us will be in agreement with it.  However, the Council members that were present at the Finance Committee Meeting and that signed off on the legislation never signed off on this.  So, for it to be on our Agenda, I would think that I would have to amend to add Section 2 to the ordinance.  Are you following?

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – So, the Request for Legislation that you discussed last Monday, didn’t…

COUNCILMAN LEWIS – It had the contract, so it is on the Agenda, but what I want to do this evening is amend to have Section 2 put on to it, because that wasn’t part of the Legislation Request.  I know I’m being difficult, but, it’s a technicality and I want to make sure we keep clean.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND - But let me ask you though, the Request for Legislation, the two (2) members of the Finance Committee did sign it?


COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Okay, that’s fine then.

COUNCILMAN LEWIS – So, it’s rightly on the Agenda, just not right with the…


COUNCILMAN LEWIS – So, my first order of business, as you just heard me discuss, is I’d like to make an amendment to Ordinance No. 4 – 2015 where the Legislation Request had made mention to $5.00 of every fee charged for transport would be put into a “set-aside account”, we’re going to amend that language and form what we have now as Section 2 already pre-written so that it will read “The Council of the City of Massillon, Ohio, hereby authorizes the Auditor to deposit said funds to the following:  96% to an account entitled “Transport Fees”, 1100.305.4.1500 and 4% to an account entitled “Prisoner Transport Van Replacement Fund”, 1401.305.4.1500”.

COUNCIL CLERK ROLLAND – So do I type another agenda and put “Amended” on it?

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – He’s not amending the agenda, he’s amending the ordinance.  So, he’s made his amendment to Ordinance No. 4.  We need a second to amend; seconded by Councilwoman Del Rio-Keller.  Roll call to amend Ordinance No. 4.

8 yes to amend Ordinance No. 4 - 2015

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  The ordinance remains at first it’s reading, so Councilman Lewis.

COUNCILMAN LEWIS – Is there any discussion this evening on this particular ordinance?  It is involving the transport fees that we charge people when we transport their prisoners to their destination.  Seeing none, I make a motion that we suspend the rules requiring three (3) readings, bringing Ordinance No. 4 – 2015 forward for a vote.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Seconded by Councilwoman Del Rio- Keller.  Roll call for suspension.

8 yes for suspension


8 yes for passage

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you, Madam Clerk.  Ordinance No. 4 has passed. 




COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Councilwoman Cunningham-Hedderly, are you in receipt of the letter?


COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Are there any bills?



COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Okay, Councilman Lewis, I need a motion to pay the bills.

COUNCILMAN LEWIS – Yes, I move that we pay the bills.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Seconded by Councilwoman Scassa.  Roll call to pay the bills.

8 yes to pay the bills

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  The Clerk will pay the bills and charge them to the proper accounts.




COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Anything from the Council members?  At this time, I would like to recognize Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry to present the State of the City Address.

MAYOR CATAZARO-PERRY – Happy New Year to everyone and congratulations to Andrea on her new baby.  I want to address Council and I’d like to do it from the microphone in the back; it’s really hard to see here, so, I’m just going to take the microphone back there.


MAYOR CATAZARO-PERRY – Okay, can everybody hear me?  Can you all hear me in the back?  Okay.  Sorry if I have my back to you.  But we’d like to welcome you all to the City Council meeting and to the State of the City.  Larry’s going to forward on the slides because we’re having a little technical difficulties.  As per the Ohio Revised Code, the Mayor shall give an annual message to city legislative authority concerning the affairs of the municipal corporation and that’s what we’re doing tonight.  What I have done, though, over all the years that I have been here, this is the beginning of the fourth year, is that I have taken time out to give the State of the City to all departments and this past year, to all the neighborhood associations and any organization that would like to hear it.  And I’ll do that again this year as well because I think it’s really important that we share this information.  Not just with Council, but with our residents and businesses as well.  Here’s the list of all of the Council members and Council President that serve our city.  Other elected officials; our Auditor, Treasurer and Director of Law.  These are a list of our employees that are department directors and have done an outstanding job the three (3) years that I have been the Mayor and Al Hennon is our Safety and Service Director.  So, we’re going to first talk about the General Fund deficit reduction and give you a financial overview.  What I can tell you is our staff has been very excited about where the City is heading.  The direction is the right direction, it’s taken some time to get to this position, but, we eliminated all but $44,000 of the $2.6 million dollars of debt that we inherited.  Don’t be afraid to clap; it’s really, really good!  This is really exciting.  The first year we decrease it by $200,000 and we went through a lot of lay-offs; 34+ people – very, very difficult.  The second year, we dropped it again and this year we’ve dropped it even further and we have to commend our staff and our directors for really watching their spending as well as the staff for helping to pay a portion of their medical premium and then, of course, some wonderful windfalls from an angel over our City.  Our General Fund performance, 2012 budget – balanced; 2013 budget – balanced; 2014 budget – balanced.  And with the carry over for this year, our 2015 budget, again, will be balanced.  We continued to make progress during 2014, as I talked about with our department directors in really controlling their spending, and that was consecutively for three (3) years in a row and that is an outstanding job by everyone.  Here’s the windfalls that I was talking about.  We were very, very lucky this year.  $497,000 in inheritance tax which was eliminated in 2013.  We did not expect to get…we budgeted zero this year, budgeted zero last year; we just had a windfall.  Call it an angel.  We also looked at our AT&T, our phone lines and they were hooked up to some bogus lines and we are being charged.  This is $89,000, is one of the amounts.  That’s what we received back which is outstanding.  We also had another account that we brought in about $20,000 more.  So, of over a $100,000 back from AT&T for lines that we were being billed for that were not connected or were connected and the lines were not functioning.  Worker’s Comp. Rebate this year, $130,000 and we did institute a $25 dollar street light utility fee and generated about $120,000 for a total of $838,000 additional dollars for 2014.  This is our General Fund Revenue and most cities functional on general funds, townships are different, but for our income tax, we were up 3.4%, outstanding, and how do you get that?  That’s by recruiting jobs and new businesses to the City.  Our local government fund last year, I can tell you, was decreased by about 23% this year, by about 2%, so, it has decreased all three (3) years that I have been the Mayor.  The real estate and rollback taxes, about .4%, not very much to discuss there.  The inheritance tax; the first year, I believe it was $336,000, last year it was $338,000 and this year was our largest amount which again, has been eliminated, $497,000.  We did apply and we did receive the FEMA grant and that’s when we laid off our 10 firefighters which brought back all 10 firefighters which expired in October 2014.  We do have a FEMA grant currently for 3 of our veteran firefighters, and that will go through October 2015.  And other revenue, $4 million dollars and I’ll tell you, the Clerk of Courts brought in $1.2 million, EMS brought in $686,000 and our Building Dept. was up as well at $414,000 and that’s just to name a few of those items in the $4 million dollars.  So our total revenues for 2014 was $20 million dollars which is up 4% from 2013.  I want to stress that these are all preliminary numbers; we have been working constantly with the Auditor’s office trying to update and give you the most accurate numbers we can give you, and as of today, the books are still open so, they may change slightly, but we’re pretty close to being where we need to be on these numbers today.  Our income tax collections, as I said, was up 3.4%.  Our capital improvement, you see we really towed the line this year on capital improvement.  Inside that $66,000 that we did spend was a garage for our Police Dept. a door and 2 cruisers and that was one of the ways that we can control our spending with not to buy.  We needed to pay off our debt before we bought more things and we put ourselves in a great position in the right direction for a total tax collection of $15 million dollars; 2.6 of that went to our Parks & Rec Dept. and they were up about 2.7% as well.  Our Moody’s bond rating; we got an early Christmas present and I’ll talk about the Moody’s rating as we go forward here.  Prior to 2012, the City was not living within its budget, having depleted General Fund reserves, five (5) consecutive years of operating deficits.  And this is not said by the Mayor, this is said by Moody’s who gives us our credit rating.  And so, it resulted when we went to refinance the Senior High Rise, to control our cash, it resulted in a bond rating downgrade.  March 20, 2012, they downgraded our City to a Baa 1 with a negative outlook.  On an annual basis, they look at your city again and your revenues and they downgraded us further on May 20, 2013, to a Ba 1 and maintained the negative outlook.  On October 8, 2013, the State Auditor declared our city in fiscal emergency.  Now with everyone working hard to control our spending and those windfalls of funds that we got in and getting the money back from AT&T for the overcharges and the street light utility fee, December 22, 2014, our bond rating was upgraded to a “stable outlook”.  Now that’s not where we want to be, we still have more work to do, but we’re moving in the right direction.  Economic development and jobs and this is where I’m going to share with you how we’ve increased our income tax dollars.  We focused on retaining companies in our City and the first year I was Mayor, we visited 52 businesses to let them know their vital to our community and we want them to stay and how can we help them grow.  And we visited more businesses in 2014 and again in 2014.  We have been, oops, can you go back for a second, Larry?  We have been successful in bringing in 717 new jobs to Massillon and retained 623 jobs that otherwise would have left our city.  Heinz is one of those companies.  They were looking to either move or expand and we worked with Jobs Ohio and put together a plan to keep them right here in our city, right before Christmas last year.  We retained 450 existing jobs and they’re creating 249 new jobs and a $28 million dollar expansion.  That was great news for our city last year.  And they continue to do well in our city in 2014.  Team Midwest, they were looking to move to Dalton and we retained them here.  They’re adding two (2) new positions and they’re building a new building that’s just about ready to open, a new 10,000 square foot building in our downtown business district.  Campbell Oil, boy if you’ve been by Campbell Oil.  Ken and I had the luxury of taking a tour through it.  It is a beautiful new corporate headquarters on the City’s northeast side and a home grown company, moved to their facility in December and boy is it beautiful.  So if you have a chance, stop in, but they’re doing a great job by staying here in the city and expanding.  Buehler’s opened on the City’s northwest side and that was a huge void when Bordner’s left.  They opened last October and we did their first bread breaking, it was a very nice event to open and bring in the new store owners and welcome them to the City and I haven’t heard one negative comment about Buehler’s.  I think everybody is happy on the west side with this new grocery store in our City.  Danbury of Massillon is going to be built and Bill Lemmon has approached us and bought the old Ashland University property and they’re going to be constructing a Senior Care Living Complex.  As the baby boomers age, you know Alzheimer’s and dementia and all of those things come into play and this going to have an assisted living component as well as a full Alzheimer’s unit.  So, we’re really looking forward to that, they have been preparing that property and we should see some buildings going up here this spring.  Baker Hughes is here and that was a really tough one when we first came into office to secure, but we were successful at that and they now have over a hundred employees.  PSC Metals chooses Massillon.  They purchased the Old World Kitchen property which was fabulous.  It’s a national leader in scrap recycling.  A $25 million dollar investment and 26 new jobs to our City.  Downtown Massillon is alive and well and you can tell because we’ve got new businesses filling up the empty store fronts; GoLow Golf, Bronze Goddess, Chit Chat Café, Gallery 121, Walgreens, Sangria Stand, Sugar Mama’s Sweet Shop, Anderson’s in the City, Han Ryee’s Leather Shop, Marie’s Home Parties and we also have added the “Second Saturday” event which is growing and if you young kids don’t know about it, that are here tonight from Central and welcome, it’s a great event.  It’s just like “First Friday” in Canton, but it is “Second Saturday” in Massillon.  And a lot of fun is going on and I’m sure that’s going to expand as the weather will turn and get warmer.  Connecting our businesses has been part of our retention strategy and has truly been conduit between our local business and of matching one business to another and this applies to our government as well and city, county and state agencies.  One of the areas I can share with you that was recently passed by City Council was a 75-acre location is ideal for a Sippo Valley Trailhead and we partnered with Stark Parks to provide maintenance and patrol.  This truly is a win-win for our City, our Stark Parks and our Massillon residents.  So that was just done this past fall.  Other 2014 highlights, these are the projects, and I want to just to pat our Engineer on the back, he does a fabulous job.  Our Levee Infrastructure Improvement Project has been completed.  9th St SW Improvement Project and the Hankins Rd has also been done.  Now the 9th St is part of our retention strategy because if you’ve driven on that road, it was bumpy, bumpy; potholes everywhere, bumpy and so what we did was we found some dollars to repair that to retain those businesses so that they wouldn’t want to leave because it was in such poor condition.  So that is done and boy, it’s a beautiful job.  If you’ve not been down that street, please take a drive down and again, Hankins Rd, I’ve heard nothing but positive about that beautiful job.  We’ve cleaned that up a bit, the curve isn’t as bad.  Our projects for 2015 are the 17th St NE Bridge Replacement Project, we’re going to finish paving the Lincoln Way Resurfacing Project and of course, we’re still working on our Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, so that’s a continuing project going into 2015.  If you’ve looked around our City, we have a lot of barrels, you might see horses and you might see metal plates and that is because we’re working on replacing our storm sewer grates.  We replaced 94 last year and those are about $3,000 each to replace; they’re very expensive.  Manholes installed – 17 and the Storm Pipe installed – 4,500 linear feet.  So they’ve done an excellent job through our Engineer Dept. and they’ll continue to work on those storm sewer grates as we progress in 2015.  Last year the 2014 winter created a lot of havoc for our City streets and the department employees patched 277 city streets with 1,042 tons of asphalt to fill the potholes and I know we had a lot of complaints, but we had a lot of potholes as well.  And so, the Street Dept., I want to commend them for sticking to it and really getting that job done; they really did a great job getting out there and getting things taken care and filling those holes.  Our Building Dept.; our permits that we issued this past year was 1,325.  We collected $373,000.  We had $27.2 million dollars in property improvements, 4 commercial permits at $2.3 million, 41 housing starts and as you can see, when I first arrived, the housing starts weren’t that great and they’re gaining and going uphill which is wonderful - $5.3 million dollars.  We have worked and collaborated with Canal Fulton.  We do their building permits and last year we had about $24,000 from Canal Fulton.  This year we doubled that, we’re at $36,480 for building permit fees.  Our total Building Dept. revenue is up by 13%, $409,000 dollars.  So they, also, have done an outstanding job.  Two (2) years in the making, we began this conversation with John Helline; we are now out of the hotel business, we have solved that issue.  We freed up about $1.4 million dollars in community development funds during the next five (5) years and so that means those dollars can come back to our community.  So, this was a fabulous win-win for everyone, but it was two (2) years in the making.  Our Massillon Senior Apartments; that is, was a huge concern, still is slightly.  We petitioned the court to appoint a receiver.  The court agreed and did appoint a receiver and Putnam Real Estate is now managing our Senior High Rise.  Before, if you remember the story, the gentleman that was collecting the rent, was putting it in his pocket and not giving the money to the City and there was nothing we could do about it.  And so, until we had to appoint a court receiver and so now those dollars are now going back in to clean up that Senior High Rise because for the seniors, they did not fixed the air conditioners; there were holes coming through some of the resident’s ceilings and so now, we are getting the Senior High Rise to go in the right direction.  The next step is to get it off of our hands.  The next step is to get it to the Sheriff sale and sell it.  So, that will be in our near future, or future.  The C.O.O.L Project for the second straight year and I will announce tonight that they’ve chosen us for a third year.  Very exciting.  The C.O.O.L project is a community outreach of love.  It’s a Christian base group.  They are coming back to Massillon and we don’t know the site yet, but they brought 1,800 volunteers, 26 area churches, the Rotary Club of Massillon participated in this as well.  So, Council members, if you’re interested, we’d love for you to join in.  This is a great day; it’s all done in one day.  The first Saturday in June and last year we touched 79 Massillon homes and families.  So, that’s from painting houses to building porches, to re-doing someone’s landscape.  It was a fabulous day, so we welcome anyone that would like to help in our community.  Shriver Park was part of the C.O.O.L Project.  Vasco Asphalt resurfaced the basketball courts.  Advanced Industrial Roofing proved the shingles for the new roof.  The overgrowth was removed by Enviroscapes and new shrubbery was donated by local nurseries.  There’s also been new signage and restroom improvements.  And that is wonderful for Shriver Park.  Our summer concerts series; we had a total of 20 concerts last year.  Many people from all around our community and other counties came in and enjoyed the concerts.  July 3rd was finally a huge success.  The 2nd year that we had this the weather did not cooperate, but last year we had a great turn out and this year we’re planning it again.  So, if anyone would like to be on that committee, please let us know.  The first meeting is coming up this week.  And it’s a collaborative effort, but the fireworks are provided by Aqua Ohio.  The City could not ever be able to afford the fireworks and we have a great community partner with Aqua Ohio and I’d like to thank them for making that such a success for us.  Arthur Genshaft Memorial Park received a million dollar makeover.  We had our grand opening May 12th this year and Mr. Genshaft and Freshmark are very pleased with the way the new park looks and we can’t thank him enough and Freshmark for their generosity.  On August 7th, our City was honored with the designation of becoming a Purple Heart City.  We had a Veterans Memorial Plaza and we had 90 Purple Heart recipients that were honored there.  Many individuals and businesses helped make this event a reality and we plan on celebrating that probably on a…every August 7th we’ll do something, but every two (2) years we’ll have an event there to remember all of our Purple Heart recipients.  I’d like to thank you for viewing The State of the City Address tonight.  I can’t stress enough that we are going in the right direction with everyone’s hard work and I would tell you that it doesn’t come by one person, it comes by a team effort and we’ve all worked very hard to get the City on the right path and it’s very exciting that with our carryover of $700,000 plus dollars, we’ll be able to balance our 2015 budget as well as pay our 27th pay.  So, Ken and I can tell that our hearts are smiling this year.  A lot of relief, and a lot of pride and thankfulness that we can all work together and make this City financially stable and stronger.  Thank you.


COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you Mayor.  We will continue with our meeting.


          COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Councilman Lewis.

COUNCILMAN LEWIS – I’ll make this brief.  I just wanted to report out from the Finance Committee.  As you all know with the past few weeks we’ve been having a lot of adjustments and transfers we’ve been making.  I would asked that everyone go ahead and kind of picking up with where the Mayor left off, look at our finance, our cash report that we get every week and you’ll notice that a single one of those items is negative and that is what all those adjustments and transfers were doing.  And I want to make sure we also thank the Auditor’s office, particularly, Debbie Bonk, who spent many hours making that happen and all of her hard work.  So, I just wanted to make that known real quick.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Is there anyone else?






COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Okay, we have arrived at No. 17.  This is the section of the agenda for anyone who would like to speak on a topic that did NOT appear on tonight’s agenda.  If you’d like to speak on something, please come to the microphone at this time and give your name and address and the topic you’d wish to discuss.


COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Okay, I see no one.  Councilwoman Starrett, I need a motion to adjourn.
COUNCILWOMAN STARRETT – I make a motion that we adjourn.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you.  Seconded by Councilman Stinson.




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