COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND B This meeting was called by Committee of the Whole to discuss the possible passage of Ordinance No. 25 – 2014.


Roll call for the evening found the following Council Members present:  Milan Chovan, Sarita Cunningham-Hedderly, Michelle Del Rio-Keller, Nancy Halter. Ed Lewis, Paul Manson, Andrea Scassa, Megan Starrett and Shaddrick Stinson.

Thus giving a roll call vote of 9 present.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Thank you, Madame Clerk.  Ordinance No. 25 – 2014.

ORDINANCE NO. 25 – 2014                                 BY:  COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE


COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Okay, Councilman Manson. 

COUNCILMAN MANSON – Okay, thank you.  As I explained to you Saturday and I know there was a lot of there was some people upset but we have dates that we have to comply with and we did have a legitimate proposal that we had put together last week and we reviewed it on Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon, I’m sorry.  And you know I didn’t know when we were going to get another proposal or a counter from the mayor.  So I wanted to be ready to react and that’s all it was.  So having said that I would ask the law director his give me a little direction would you recommend moving it forward and defeating it, tabling it indefinitely or just withdrawing it because we do have another proposal and we’re going to keep right on going.

LAW DIRECTOR STERGIOS – You are referencing the plan that is on the agenda…

COUNCILMAN MANSON – The 25 that we’re talking about.

COUNCILMAN CHOVAN – Ordinance No. 25.

LAW DIRECTOR STERGIOS – Give it first reading and amend it next either yeah amend it next Monday and vote on it if you I guess my only comment would be is I can’t be putting amendments together at 4:00pm on Monday afternoon I mean I need to know what potential amendments you have or we end up down here at 7:30pm Monday night with undated documents in front of us and various exhibits and no one knows what we’re passing or not passing.  I mean if you have I mean the plan is easy to amend the ordinances are a little more problematic which I think we already covered that.  But you know to amend this thing we could do it on the floor but it’d be nice if we had an idea what we want to amend just like you’ve been discussing already tonight.  So I’d give it first reading and then amend it.  I think defeating it looks bad because that isn’t really what you to do you might have you may or may not have some tweaks to what is present in front of you tonight.  That’s why we have more than one reading sometimes.  So that would be my opinion.

COUNCILMAN MANSON – Yeah, that satisfies me.  I do think we’re going to have some tweaks possibly here that at least we’re going to consider them and I think we are going to have to meet on Wednesday.  So having said that I think that was good advise we can just make this first reading and then whatever we come up with if it’s the mayor’s plan as is next Monday we can amend Ordinance No. 25 and make this Ordinance No. 25 or anything we come up with in between.  First reading.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TOWNSEND – Okay, that’s your motion first reading.  Ordinance No. 25 has received first reading.  That ends our special meeting, meeting’s adjourned.




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