Court’s Contact Information

General Court



330-830-1759  Chief Bailiff, Ricky D. Seifer, Jr.

330-830-1761  Judge Elum’s Bailiff, Evan T. Hannon

330-830-2585  Judge Fichter’s Bailiff, Sean Mowery

330-830-1730 Magistrate Bailiff, Jamil Dudley

Clerk of Court

The Honorable Johnnie A. Maier, Jr.
Massillon Clerk of Court

330-830-1732  Traffic Desk

330-830-2591  Criminal Desk

330-830-1731  Civil Desk

330-830-3648  Fax Filing

Community Service Officer-Probation Department

330-830-2681  Scott DeHoff, Bailiff

330-844-0913  Eddie Farris, Road Crew Bailiff

Court Administrator

330-830-1729  Jeannie Shrider

Financial Enforcement - Probation and Bailiffs

330-830-2726 Sheila Lloyd

330-830-2581  Justin Lambert

330-830-2726  Ronna Cecil


Judge Fichter’s Office


Judge Elum’s Office



330-830-2682 Magistrate Andrea M. Scassa's Office

Magistrates preside over all Small Claims Cases, Landlord – Tenant Claims, Arraignments, Court Trials & Other Hearings as assigned.

330-830-2722 Magistrate Amanda L. Kuhn's Office


330-830-2688  James M. Conley, Attorney at Law

All civil contested litigation shall be subject to mandatory mediation.

Probation Officers

330-830-1757  Judge Fichter – Ken Sheely

330-830-1758  Judge Elum – Amy Smith

330-830-2864  Magistrate – Lindsay McManus & Terri Cheezan

330-830-2864  House Arrest/Interlock – Lindsay McManus & Court Bailiffs

330-830-1730  Diversion Program – Terri Cheezan

330-830-2855  Probation Fax

Other Court Numbers

330-830-1718  Prosecutor’s Office

330-451-7200  Public Defender’s Office

330-451-7451  Pretrial Release

330-830-2865  Victim Advocate

330-830-2596  Domestic Violence Advocate

330-830-2595  Domestic Violence Advocate