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Justin W. Richard, Massillon Law Director

Massillon Law Department

The City of Massillon Law Department provides exceptional legal services to the City government by representing and providing legal advice to the Mayor, City Council, and all City departments and commissions. The Law Department is also responsible for prosecuting all criminal offenses arising in the City of Massillon and the townships within the Massillon Municipal Court district.

The Law Department is comprised of two divisions: the Civil Division and the Criminal Division. The Law Department is headed by the City Law Director, who is responsible for the administration of the department and is elected at-large every four years. The public duties of the Massillon Law Director are defined by the Ohio Revised Code, including R.C. §§ 733.51-733.621, 1901.34, and 2938.13, and the Massillon Codified Ordinances, including Massillon Cod. Ord. Chap. 137.01.

The Massillon Law Department was established on March 17, 1868. Department attorneys have become state and federal judges, cabinet-level public officials, and prominent private practitioners. The 150-year tradition of continued legal excellence is the institutional expectation of the Massillon Law Department.

Justin W. Richard, Law Director

Law Director Justin W. Richard is a dedicated, trial-hardened prosecutor with over 15 years of courtroom experience in over 100 jury trials. He is committed to justice and the rights of both the victims and the accused.

As Law Director, he dedicates his courtroom skill to protecting our community as the city’s Chief Criminal Prosecutor, while understanding and working to change the inherent structural inequities in our criminal justice system.

Director Richard has assembled an unparalleled team of attorneys in the Massillon Law Department, bringing together some of the best legal talent in all Stark County. Under his leadership, the Law Department works collaboratively to provide the highest level of legal service for our community. The Criminal Division vigorously prosecutes crimes on behalf of over 150,000 citizens, while the Civil Division provides top-tier legal counsel to the city on economic development, procurement, land use, finance, employment, litigation, and nearly every other area of law.

The Massillon Law Department holds itself to a standard of excellence. Director Richard and the Law Department are committed to providing the best expert legal counsel to move our city forward. Go Tigers.

"Massillon is my home. My wife and I have witnessed firsthand what a great community we live in and I feel a strong responsibility to the citizens of Massillon to serve them and continue making our community the City of Champions."

Justin W. Richard, Massillon Law Director
Justin W. Richard, Massillon Law Director


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