Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Office

The Code Enforcement Office is responsible for enforcing various chapters of the Massillon Municipal Code that address public health and safety issues, including regulations related to rubbish, other nuisances, removal of vegetation, zoning, housing, dangerous buildings, environmental violations, and junk vehicles on private property. Enforcement actions are taken both proactively and in response to complaints received. Code Enforcement works in partnership with other city departments and Massillon citizens to develop and implement innovative solutions to complex problems related to health and safety in our community. In addition, the Code Enforcement Office is also responsible for the City’s non-owner occupied (rental), vacant and foreclosed property registration program, and also plays a major role in the demolition process of abandoned and structurally unsafe buildings within the city limits.

What is the Code Enforcement Unit’s responsibility?

It is the responsibility of the Code Enforcement Unit to work in partnership with the people of Massillon to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. We help maintain or improve the quality of our community in the following ways:

The office enforces laws and codes targeted to solve specific problems in the community including:

  • Rubbish and nuisances
  • Junk vehicles on private property
  • Violation of land use conditions
  • Substandard or dangerous buildings
  • Building permit issues
  • Removal of vegetation

The office works with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies and other City of Massillon departments to:

  • Facilitate voluntary compliance with City laws and codes
  • Empower citizens to participate in keeping problem areas cleaned up
  • Develop ways to solve recurring problems and nuisances

Code Enforcement Staff

Trevor Griffiths
Code Enforcement Officer

Phone:  (330) 809-0235  Ext. 369

Chad Hennon
Code Enforcement Officer

Phone:  (330) 809-0235  Ext. 396


Dan Fichter
Code Enforcement Officer

Phone:  (330) 809-0235  Ext. 382

Harry Sullivan, Jr.
Code Enforcement Officer

Phone:  (330) 809-0235  Ext. 398