Neighborhood Associations

The Stark Community Foundation is offering grant awards of $3,000 or $4,000 are awarded to each neighborhood association for improving their neighborhood. A curriculum that focuses on leadership skills, advocacy, and teamwork provides participates with the assistance that they need to improve their own individual neighborhood. The program’s slogan is “You don’t need to move to live in a better neighborhood”.

The rule for receiving these grant dollars is that the individuals must have gone through the Leadership Training Classes and then attend monthly meetings of the Massillon Neighborhood Leadership Council.

The City of Massillon has the following established Neighborhood Associations:

Central Historic Area Residents of Massillon (CHARM) Neighborhood Association

Tom Knouff
Massillon OH 44646


David Bratton
Massillon OH 44646


Franklin Village Neighborhood Association

David Joiner
PO Box 263
Massillon OH 44648

Friends & Neighbors of Springhill Settlement (FANSS) Neighborhood Association

Barb Amburgey
1721 Olivewood NE
Massillon OH 44646

Mill Creek Run Neighborhood Association

Matt Palumbo
2801 Mill Ridge Path NE
Massillon OH 44646

Walnut Hills Neighborhood Association

Diana Pachis
1343 16th St SE
Massillon OH 44646

Wellman Neighborhood Association

Robin Bloom
846 Wellman Ave SE
Massillon OH 44646

Westbrook Neighborhood Association

Tim Tourney
1423 Utopia Cr NW
Massillon OH 44647

Witmer Arms Residents Neighborhood Association

Isaac Crews
1928 Tremont Ave SE
Massillon OH 44646

Wright State Neighborhood Association

Robert Wasnak
2435 Wright State Drive SE
Massillon OH 44646

St. Andrews Golf Estates

There is no President at this time.