The Engineering Department manages the overall administration of capital improvement projects to ensure adherence to all City, State, and Federal Regulations pertaining to the development of contracts for professional services and construction projects. The City Engineer's Office is responsible for securing and administering local, state, and federal grants and loans for capital improvement projects.

Current projects out to bid may be viewed at
As of March 01, 2019, The City of Massillon Engineer’s Office will utilize AA Blueprint to store and distribute specifications and other contract documents.  Project documents are on file for purchase either electronically anytime, or by mail or in person from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday at:

AA Blueprint
2757 Gilchrist Road
Akron, Ohio 44305
voice: 800-821-3700

The only bids that will be accepted will be those of bidders of record.  Bidders of record are those who have signed the bidders list, obtained specifications and paid the prescribed fee. Upon payment for each set, plus tax, shipping and handling. The fee is non-refundable.

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Current Engineering Projects:

2022 Tuscarawas River Protection CIPP Slip lining project: Bid Results ReBid 2023

2022 MRF Hill and Dales Resurfacing Project: Expected Bid Opening 2023

Forecasted Engineering Projects:

2022 8TH ST SW Sanitary Sewer and Waterline Replacement Project: Summer 2023 award

2022 Sippo Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project: Summer 2023 award

2022 North Erie Canal/Burton Ave Storm Sewer Improvement Project: Fall 2023 award

2022 20th St SE Area Storm Sewer Improvement Project: Fall 2023 award

2022 26th St NW Area Storm Sewer Improvement Project: Fall 2023 award

2023 Street Resurfacing Project- April 2023 award

2023 Catch Basin Replacement Project - April 2023 award

Current Wastewater/Collection System Projects:

General light cleaning and CCTV project

Current Other Projects

Massillon Parks Playground Equipment Replacement: Under construction

Massillon Park Pavilion Project: Late Spring 2023 construction

Massillon Parks Restroom Addition: Late Spring 2023 construction

Forecasted Other Projects:

2022 Massillon Fire Department No. 1 Renovation Project: Fall 2023 award

2022 Massillon Police Department Renovation Project: Fall 2023 award

2023 Massillon City Hall HVAC rehabilitation project: Fall 2023 award