Massillon Police Department Off-Duty Employment

When requesting a Special Duty officer please complete the form below or call (330) 809-0794. When possible, call at least one week in advance of the job. The more advance of a notice increases the likelihood of filing your request. The job will be made available to all officers and it is up to them to sign up for these jobs.

Specific Details:

  • Our rates are currently: (effective September, 16, 2013)
  • $40 an hour for security and/or construction jobs
  • $50 an hour for an officer with a police cruiser
  • We have a three (3) hour minimum
  • Payment can be made directly to the officer after the job is completed

If you need to cancel the officer, call our dispatch center at (330) 832-9811 at least two (2) hours prior to the job and ask them to contact the officer for the cancellation. If you do not cancel the officer in sufficient time, you will be changed a three (3) hour show-up fee.

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Special Duty Request