Community Health Assessment

Community Health Assessment Process

The County Community Health Assessment Process is a collaboration of local public health, hospitals and health care organizations, social services agencies, non profit organizations and community volunteers who meet regularly to identify community needs and develop a plan to address those needs.  The process includes the following:

  • Identifying sources of health information and data to collect and update (including both primary and secondary data sources)
  • Surveying key informants and community members who have knowledge of or experience with the community needs or problems
  • Analyzing and discussing all data and issues to prioritize the top health needs
  • Developing an implementation plan with strategies to address the heath needs identified
  • Communicating with other agencies/organizations in the community to avoid unnecessary overlap in program activities and to identify emerging issues and new resources
  • Distributing results of the CHA process to the community
  • Repeating cycle every three years (although some activities will be done yearly while others will be done once every three years)

County Annual Health Improvement Summit
Each year, the CHNA Advisory Committee organizes a Health Summit, a day of presenters and information, to share the work and progress made in the community health needs assessment process.  The 2022 Summit is pending.

Stark County Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Advisory Meetings

This committee meets the 4th Thursday of every quarter, March- December* at 9 am at the Stark County Health Department.  For more information, contact Kay Conley330-451-1446  ( * this meeting usually is moved to the 3rd Thursday due to the Holiday)

2020-2021 Membership Roster

To view CHNA meeting minutes please visit our community partners page.