Bethany Perkowski, RS is the Environmental Health Director for the Massillon City Health Department. The Environmental Health Division is responsible for licensing food service establishments in the City and monitoring them for compliance with the State of Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code, conducting nuisance complaint investigations and enforcement, inspecting public pools and spas, regulating tattoo and body piercing businesses, conducting school environment inspections, and providing mosquito control and education to City residents.

Public Health Nuisances

The Massillon City Health Department responds to and investigates public health nuisance complaints within the Massillon City limits. A public health nuisance exists when a property endangers or has the potential to endanger the health of a person or the public.

Some examples of reported environmental public health nuisances that the Massillon City Health Department investigates includes accumulation of solid waste and trash outside of the home, as well as animal waste left outdoors to accrue.

Nuisance Complaint Reporting Procedure:

If you would like to submit a nuisance complaint to the Massillon City Health Department, you can email or complete the Complaint Form and U.S. Mail the form to our office at 111 Tremont Avenue S.W., Massillon, OH 44647. Please follow the instructions on the form regarding completion and submission. Complaints are also accepted via telephone by calling the Massillon City Health Department at (330) 830-1794, or you are welcome to submit a complaint in person at our office located at 111 Tremont Avenue S.W.

Please keep in mind that any nuisance located outside of the Massillon City Limits (such as Tuscarawas Township, Perry Township, Jackson Township, etc.) cannot be investigated by this department. Complaints in any of the townships can be submitted to the Stark County Health Department.

Contact Us:

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