Firefighter / Paramedic Job Application

City of Massillon FIRE Employment Application
Full name is required

Minimum Qualifications

Do you hold a Valid Drivers License?*
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?*
Are you at least eighteen (18) years of age but not yet forty (40) years of age?*
Do you hold a High School Diploma or GED?*
Are You Legally Eligible to Work in the U.S.? *
Do you possess a Firefighter II Certificate by the Ohio Department of Public Safety?*
Do you possess a Paramedic Certificate by the Ohio Department of Public Safety?*
Do you possess a Certification of Completed Firefighter Physical Assessment test by an accredited institution in Ohio within the last 6 months?*

BONUS Qualifications and Instructions

The City of Massillon offers bonus opportunities, on passing scores of 70% or higher to be added to your written examination. A highest amount to be earned is a total of 20%. Accepted items are below. You will be contacted by Civil Service upon completion of the application with instructions on submitting Bonus documentation.
Please check off any bonus qualifications that you have:


I hereby certify that the answers and statements made on this application are true and correct. I am aware that a representative from the City of Massillon may conduct an investigation of my background to assist in determining my suitability for this employment. I further understand that any applicant who intentionally makes a false statement or who practices fraud in filling out this application will be refused employment. If already appointed, subsequent evidence of misrepresentation will be considered cause for termination of employment. I hereby authorize all my previous employers and references to furnish any information concerning my personal character, health, reputation, habits and work records. I hereby release all such persons and the City of Massillon from liability or damages incurred as a result of furnishing or obtaining this information.