How to Place a Call for Service

Call 911 for all emergency calls.

Call 330-832-9811 for all non-emergency calls for police service.

These calls will go to or be forwarded to the Regional Emergency Dispatch Center (R.E.D. CENTER). The trained civilian dispatchers will dispatch your call to our uniformed officers who will respond immediately to the assigned location. All calls are recorded at the Red Center. Every dispatched call is recorded and documented, and an assigned call number is generated. Depending on the nature of the call, our officers will make an official police report or give a disposition to    the R.E.D. Center.

Call 330-830-1735 for individual officers and on duty supervisors.

Follow the prompts to select an officer’s voicemail box or current supervisor.

The phone system auto attendant has a selection whereby a caller can select to be connected to a current supervisor. When selected, the phones at all supervisors’ desks will ring. If no supervisor is at his desk, the caller will be directed to a voicemail box that will allow them to leave a message. The message to the caller is as follows:

You have reached the voicemail that can be retrieved by an on duty supervisor. All supervisors are away from their desk right now. Please leave a message with your name, phone number, and concern you’d like to discuss. A supervisor will return your call prior to the end of their shift.

Citizens may also come to the Massillon Police Department to speak to an officer. Pick up the phone on the wall in the police lobby and it will connect you with an off site dispatcher, who will send an officer to your location.