Traffic Complaint Submission Form

These accounts ARE NOT monitored 24 hours a day. Please do not report crimes in progress or request emergency assistance using these accounts. Traffic complaint information should be as specific and detailed as possible (i.e. location, day of week, times, etc.). This will allow the police division to more effectively address and/or respond to traffic complaints.

This form can be used to assist you in making a complaint about general traffic related issues. These issues can range from speeding to red light running to stop sign violations. This form should be used to report general traffic complaints or issues. If you have a complaint about a particular vehicle (i.e. a red mustang is speeding on my street at 3 PM everyday), please include the information below. You may also contact our dispatch center at 330-832-9811 to report this complaint.

Please complete the form below.

Traffic Complaint Submission Form
description of specific vehicle, or details of complaint