Restaurants, Bars, and Pizza Shops In Massillon

Business Name Address
Agavero Bar and Grill  2484 Lincoln Way E
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar  32 Massillon Marketplace Dr. SW
Arby’s  515 Lincoln Way E
Bella Sera  248 Federal Ave. NW
Bender’s Food & Spirits Inc  50 Lincoln Way E
Blue Heron Café  125 Lake Ave. NW
Bob Evans Restaurants, LLC  275 Lincoln Way W
Buckeye Club  320 First St. NW-Rear
Buffalo Wild Wings  235 Lincoln Way W
Bugsy’s Italian Cuisine  7936 Hills and Dales Rd. NE
Burger King #368  2639 Lincoln Way E
Burger King #624  12 Massillon Marketplace Dr. SW
Cameo Grill  809 Erie St. S
Cherry Road Winery LLC and Patio 1133 27th St. NW
China King  1409 Amherst Rd. NE
Chipotle Mexican Grill  13 Tommy Henrich Dr. NW
Dairy Queen  717 Wales Rd NE
Dairy Queen  707 Lincoln Way W
Domino’s Pizza  155 Lincoln Way W
Downtown Hecks  43 Lincoln Way E
Drifterz  1008 Duncan St. SW
Dunkin Donuts  4000 Erie St. SW
Dunkin Donuts  309 Lincoln Way W
East Oak Grill  872 Oak Ave. SE
East of Chicago Pizza Company  2132 Lincoln Way W
Erie St. Pub  2700 Erie St. S
Fraternal Order of Eagles #190  303 Weirich Blvd. NW
Gioninos Pizzeria  1515 Amherst Rd. NE
Greatness Café  121 Lincoln Way E
Healthalicious  32 Eris St. S
Hideaway Lounge  34 Diamond Ct. SE
Hot Head Burritos  2010 Lincoln Way E
IHOP  22 Massillon Marketplace Dr. SW
Jay’s Pizza 818 15th St. SW
Jimmy John  117 Tommy Henrich Dr. NW
Kendal Tavern  705 Wales Rd. NE
Kentucky Fried Chicken  1209 Lincoln Way E
Kozmo’s Grille 37 1st St. SW
Kraus Pizza-Amherst  915 Amherst Rd. NE
Kraus Pizza Shop-West  1917 Lincoln Way W
Lamoores South Erie Pizza  914 Eris St. S
Liebermanns Bakery  49 First St. SE
LIN China  155 Lincoln Way W
Little Caesars  812 Lincoln Way E
Long John Silver  610 Lincoln Way E
Margaritas Mexican Grill  121 Lincoln Way W
Massillon Knights Foundation  988 Cherry Rd. NW
Massillon Legion #221  427 Lincoln Way E
Massillon Stadium 12 Theatre  175 Cherry Rd. NW
Massillon Women’s Club  210 Fourth St. NE
McDonalds Restaurant (East)  2496 Lincoln Way E
McDonalds Restaurant (Erie)  4121 Eris St S
McDonalds Restaurant (West)  200 Lincoln Way W
Menches Brothers  235 Lincoln Way W
Mr. Hero  525 Lincoln Way E
New Home Sing  240 Federal Ave. NW
Newman Creek Cellars  28 Charles Ave. SE
No. 1 Kitchen  2020 Lincoln Way E
Old Carolina Barbecue Co., LLC  2482 Lincoln Way E
Old Timers Bar & Griddle  1316 Tremont Ave. SW
Orioles Nest #270  42 N Erie
Panera Bread  2010 Lincoln Way E
Papa Johns Pizza  1206 Lincoln Way E
Paradigm Shift Brewing LLC  128 North Ave. NE
Peace, Love, and Little Donuts  1411 Amherst Rd. NE
Pioneer Collective Coffee  7924 Hills and Dales Rd NW
Pizza Hut  2400 Lincoln Way E
Red Rocket of Massillon LLC  48 Second St. SE
Rockne’s  155 Lincoln Way W
Sammys Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor 118  6th St. NE
Sandpit Café & Lounge 28 Penn Ave SE
Smiley’s Ristorante and Pizzeria  27 Lincoln Way E
Starbucks Coffee  2 Massillon Marketplace Dr. SW
Subway #23434  2086 Wales Rd. NE
Subway #38522  1 Massillon Marketplace Dr. SW
Subway #60779  208 Federal Ave. NW
Taco Bell #21275  1108 Lincoln Way E
Taco Bell #26663  3605 Erie St. S
Tan’s Chinese Takeout LLC  620 Lincoln Way E
The Alibi 2044 (Starbucks)
The Root Vegan an GF Café  44 Lincoln Way E
The Sugar Bowl  47 Lincoln Way E
Tommy B’s  1234 Sixth St. SW
Top of the Viaduct  607 Lincoln Way w
Tremont Coffee Co. LLC  215 Erie St N
Tremont Pub  913 Tremont Ave. SW
Tucker’s 225 Eleventh St NE
Twistee Treat Amherst  1545 Amherst Rd. NE
Twistee Treat West  2629 Lincoln Way W
T. Meldrum’s  2144 Wales Rd. NE
Veterans of Foreign Wars #3124  322 Erie St. N
Village Tavern LLC  146 First St. NE
Wendy’s Restaurant #109  50 Massillon Marketplace Dr. SW
Wendy’s Restaurant #11779  1801 Lincoln Way E
West End Tavern  1407 Tremont Ave. SW
West Park Tavern  1017 Sixth St. SW
West Side Lounge (6th St. Bar & Grill) 936 Sixth St. SW
Your Pizza Shop  3161 Lincoln Way W