The monthly report contains an early source of infectious disease surveillance and indicator data for Stark County, Ohio. This data is important for monitoring early trends of notifiable infectious diseases and for targeting prevention and control efforts. The data sources include the four local health jurisdictions in Stark County, Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health Disease Reporting System and Vital Statistics Unit, local Environmental Protection Agency Air Monitoring data, and additional data sources as needed for special reports. For more information or to view the monthly reports, please see the link below for the latest epigram. For more information, contact Amanda Archer at aarcher@cantonhealth.org or call (330) 489-3327.


 Click this link to view COVID-19 Epi Reports

Influenza Reports


Please see our brochure for additional information on hours, programs, and contact information here at the Health Department. If you would like copies of our brochure for a business or medical office, please contact the Health Department at (330) 830-1710.

In the spring and summer of 2019, flooding was an issue in our area. Please click the link “What to do after a flood” for some general tips for homes and businesses compiled by the Massillon City Health Department.  You can also visit the CDC website for information about floods. For more information or any questions, please contact our Environmental Health Director, Bethany Perkowski, at (330) 830-1795.

Read about bed bugs, their life cycle, how they are transported, where they hide, how to prevent them, are they a health concern, treatment options, landlord vs. tenant, and how to choose a pest company.

This report consists of data and brief narratives for selected health indicators. The chosen indicators are intended as a starting point in the exploration of health issues. Although indicators cannot be used to establish causal relationships between specific interventions and outcomes, they can be used to monitor progress toward health outcomes over time. The indicators presented in this report can play a critical role in documenting whether changes are occurring in the desired direction. For more information, contact Amanda Archer at aarcher@cantonhealth.org or call (330) 489-3327.

The Stark County Public Health Emergency Response Plan (PHERP) establishes the basis for coordination of the four local health departments (Alliance City Health Department, Canton City Public Health, Massillon City Health Department, and the Stark County Health Department), resources, and response, to provide public health and medical services during an emergency or disaster.  We invite you to view the Stark County Public Health Emergency Response Plan, and please feel free to ask any questions regarding the plan itself or our planning efforts with our community partners. 

Any questions or comments can be directed to Amy Ascani at (330) 493-9904 Ext. 2001.

Training and development of the workforce is one part of a comprehensive strategy toward agency quality improvement. Fundamental to this work is identifying gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities through the assessment of both organizational and individual needs and addressing those gaps through targeted training and development opportunities.

The Massillon City Health Department's Strategic Plan is the collective vision of the health department, and serves as a blueprint for where we are going, how we plan to get there, and how we will monitor our progress to assess, assure, and protect the health of the Massillon community.


Quality Improvement