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Samantha Walters- Director of Community Development
Samantha Walters — Director

Tel: 330-830-1721 | Fax: 330-830-1778
Municipal Government Annex | 151 Lincoln Way East | Massillon, OH 44646
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm


COVID-19 CDBG Emergency Business Assistance Loan Program

On June 15, 2020, Massillon City Council approved the PY 2020 Amended Action Plan and Budget, which allocated $265,000 to the recently developed COVID-19 CDBG Emergency Business Assistance Loan Program. This program is designed specifically to assist local businesses with 25 or fewer employees, impacted by the Coronavirus. Applicants must show at least a 30% decline in business revenue after March 09, 2020, which is the date that Governor Mike DeWine declared Ohio under a State of Emergency.

The program provides for up to $5,000 in the form of a three-year zero percent interest loan. These funds can be used for payroll, rent, or other day to day operating expenses. If the business retains one low-to-moderate income employee for a minimum of three months (or if the business owner is an LMI household) then the loan will be completely forgiven. An example of a low-to-moderate income household would be a one-person household making less than $38,950; or a four-person household making less than $55,600. Payment on these loans would not begin until the 13th month after funds are disbursed.

The Community Development Department will begin immediately accepting applications for this loan program. Applications will not be processed until program approval is received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The amount of funding allocated to this program will allow the City to provide loans to up to 53 qualified businesses in the City that have been impacted by the Coronavirus. Loans will be on a first come, first serve basis. Please submit applications via mail or email to:

Samantha Walters Community Development Director
City of Massillon
151 Lincoln Way East
Massillon, OH 44646

Contact Samantha to request a paper application, or with questions, by phone at (330) 830-1721 or via email at


About our Program

The City of Massillon has been designated as an Entitlement Community under the CDBG Program, and as such receives an annual allocation of Federal funds from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The City utilizes these CDBG funds to undertake a comprehensive program of housing and community development activities, including housing assistance, infrastructure improvements, economic development, public services, fair housing, and planning activities.

The City’s CDBG Program is designed to meet those goals and objectives identified in its Consolidated Plan for community development, in order to benefit low and moderate income persons and neighborhoods, and aid in the prevention and elimination of slums and blight.